Welcome to NY Japanese Language School!


Q1. Can I take a free trial lesson?

Sorry but we don't have any group lessons now.

Yes, you can take one trial lesson. If you are interested in studying Japanese language, please feel free to inform us about it.

Q2. I haven't studied Japanese at all. Can I still apply for one of your beginner classes?

No problem. I teach both HIRAGANA & KATAKANA Japanese alphabets. You're more than welcome to come on the first day of the class (free trial lesson).

Q3. How many sessions do you have per course?

It varies depending on each class. One course is about 4-10 sessions.

Q4. How long is each lesson?

The lessons are 50 minutes each.

Q5. Is your teacher a native Japanese speaker?

Sure, your teacher was born in Japan. He graduated from Waseda university with BA. He majored in pedagogy. He also received a certification to teach Japanese language from Japan Society, which is renowned for its best Japanese teacher training system in the United States. His profile is on our BLOG. http://newyorkjapanese.sblo.jp/


Q6. How much is tuition?

There is no registration fee. You simply pay for your tuition only. Tuition depends on the class. Please see our course listing.

Q7. Can I make a partial payment at the beginning and pay the rest at the end of the session?

Sorry, you must pay for the course in full by the second session, if you wish to continue.

Q8. What forms of payment do you accept (i.e. Cash, Credit Cards, Check)?

We only accept cash currently.

Q9. What is your cancellation policy?

I offer the first class free (This is a free trial lesson.). If you don't pay in full by the 2nd session, you cannot participate in the class. Please do not forget to bring your payment. Your tuition is non-refundable.

Q10. How many students do you have in a classroom?

The maximum number of students is five to ten.

Q11. Can I receive a certificate?

Yes, you can. You will receive a certificate after you complete one course with 100% attendance.

Q12. Is the cost of a textbook included in the tuition?

No, it is not included. There are several places you can buy the text book.

• Kinokuniya: 1073 Ave of the Americas, New York,NY 10018
(6 Ave & bet. 40 and 41st St.)

• Book Off (Used book): 14 East 41st Street, New York, NY10017
(bet. 5th & Madison Ave.)

• Asahiya Bookstores New York: 360 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017
(bet. 45th & 46th St.)

Online: please visit www.amazon.com.

Q13. Is there any official Japanese proficiency test?

Yes, here are two official Japanese proficiency tests. JESS and J-TEST.

Q14. Do you have any class for for the preparation of official Japanese proficiency test?

Sorry, we don't have it now, but I will definitely consider it if the demand is high.


New York Japanese
Language School

We can make it at Cafe Zaiya on the 2nd floor of Kinokuniya bookstore or Open to Publice near the Grand Central station.

Kinokuniya bookstore
1073 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018
+1 212-869-1700

Open to Public
Pershing Square
Park Ave.
East 42nd St.
subway :4567s